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SHOPPING FOR SYMPATHY By Nicholas A. Price, 8 x 10 RC Glossy Print - Artnet Showcase

SHOPPING FOR SYMPATHY By Nicholas A. Price, 8 x 10 RC Glossy Print

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Compassion In A World Without
Nature hands us beautiful colors everyday and those sunsets and open country scenes make for beautiful color works, however this is story and a journey through the very world in which we live.
Homelessness exists in every country around the world. It affects men, women and children.
The reasons behind those that end up displaced and in this existence range greatly and their stories are very personal to their individual circumstances.
For some this is a difficult subject to comprehend or understand. However, this is a harsh and rough journey for many and they should not go forgotten and undocumented. 
© 2006-2007 Nicholas A Price. All rights reserved.


About the 2020 Collection:
2020 marks the 20TH anniversary of the documentation of the American people and American Culture by acclaimed fine art photographer Nicholas A. Price. 
Over eighty thousand photographs captured on black and white film are preserved in negative form and fine art prints in the Nicholas Price Family Trust Film Archives.
From these archives, we are proud to showcase a select number of prints never made available before by an artist who has spent two decades capturing with a unique eye and preserving on film, the American way of life. 

Artist:                      Nicholas A. Price (British/American)
Title:                   SHOPPING FOR SYMPATHY
Medium:                   Silver Gelatin hand printed on RC Glossy Paper
Year Created: 2005
Edition:                          1 (numbered and signed on back)

Number available: 

Size:                                8 x 10. in 20.3  x 25.4 cm
Size Notes: Paper size is 8 x 10" IMAGE CONTAINS STANDARD 0.25" (5mm) BORDER


Archive Ref:   On File
Image Rights: ©Nicholas A. Price The purchase is acquiring ownership rights only of the physical work of art described herein, and that this transfer of ownership of the physical work of art does not convey to the purchaser any copyright or reproduction rights except the right to display the physical work of art. Any other use of the work of art is absolutely prohibited without prior written consent of the photographer, which may be withheld in their absolute discretion.

Photo is part of the  "COMPASSION IN A WORLD WITHOUT" Collection. As seen in the 2020: Retrospective 

"I prefer to always photograph people candidly. I have photographed for many years but American's and the culture of America is a fascinating subject for me. They are unique to who they are, their customs and beliefs that many cultures try to emulate but can never be the original, weird, delightful, crazy, passionate people they mostly are. The irony and humor of my photos is totally my perspective - for American's rarely see how interesting they are to outsiders" - Nicholas Price, 2019 interview for the 2020 Retrospective

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