Laocoon ©2009 Saloh Cin


Saloh Cin
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Laocoon has lost his sons to their own lives and gained new burdens in the shape of the red tape of bureaucracy and money, in the throws of death he attempts to break free from these modern day serpents. 

Artist:          Saloh Cin (British) 

Title:            Laocoon, 2009

Medium:      Silver Gelatin Resin Coated Print (handprinted)

Edition:       10 (signed on back)

Size:             29  x 36 cm. (11.0 x 14.0 in.)

Collection:   Fine Art Nudes

Dealer:         Grace Windsor

NOTE: This item comes unframed
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Valuation/Verification Statement for Insurance Purposes.