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Nicholas A. Price - Represented by WorldwideArtDealers.com Name: Nicholas A. Price

Nationality: British/American
Year of Birth: 1962



Artist Bio

Nicholas Price Fine Art Photography

Nicholas A. Price - Master Fine Art Film Photographer

With over 30 years’ experience, Nicholas has spent the past 17 years documenting the American people, culture, economic, engineering and other achievements and its trials and tribulations using his unique style and highly technical skills all through the lens of his manual film cameras. Some of the most important photographic commissions and projects that were created on film in this single artist's style have never or have rarely been, duplicated by another single photographer. 

Nicholas describes his methods simply; "It is not that I don't embrace technology, I love science and our progress forward as human beings in so many ways, it is just that the technology in my field of creativity does not embrace me, my vision for perfection, something precious and a true story, the wonderful tangibility of film and traditional process still remains both exciting and unique, the quality and beauty of the finished work incomparable to any other method".

His most personal work includes people photography within a huge range of themes and subjects that include Entertainment, Urban Themes, Aviation, Conservation, Portraiture Studies, Animal interaction Fine Art Human Forms and Classical Dance. These photographs depict a certain humble and inspiring perspective of this artist and photographer - the Nicholas Price style of photography is truthful, objective and usually candid. Although he uses color film from time to time, he has remained faithful to black and white.

Acquisition by the United States Library of Congress 
Notably, Nicholas was granted exclusive and unique access to photograph the human story behind the men and women of the U.S. Air Force. The eighteen-month project was remarkable in that Nicholas, a civilian and artist, was granted unprecedented "all access" and complete artistic license to every corner of some of the largest military installations in the country. Over 8,000 photographs were taken of which 60 were painstakingly selected in recognition of the Air Force's 60th anniversary in 2007, which not only include the works in a special presentation to the President of the United States but also included a short touring exhibition that concluded with a 6-month solo exhibition at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. These 60 images were acquired "to fill an important gap in the photographic archives" by one of the world's most prestigious institutions – the United States Library of Congress.

Nicholas Price's collections have been published in three different books; Nicholas A. Price |A Retrospective, Cleared Hot! An Exclusive and Personal Journey Into The United States Air Force (The Official Companion Book to the Library of Congress collection) and Nicholas A. Price :2010.

Collections and Exhibitions:

He has had his work exhibited at key events and institutions throughout America, including the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, The Springs Preserve, National Museum of the US Air Force, Rolls Royce Bentley, Library of Congress, Lloyd D. George Federal Building, Grant Sawyer Building, Park Towers, Aston Martin. His work is collected in more than 35 countries having created major art projects both in the private and public domain.

Noted Fine Art Photography Commissions include:

  • Cleared Hot
  • Playground of The Gods
  • Trick Trunk
  • Partnerships With Nature
  • Dam Perspective (Hoover Dam)
  • Dance In Focus/Anatomy of A Ballet
  • Signs of Americana
  • Portraits of America

Price is also a successful sculptor, painter, writer and poet with an impressive list of public art commissions; four published books of poetry, children's short stories and several fiction books in the genres of crime, thriller and comedy.

Nicholas Price Sculpture

Nicholas A. Price - Sculptor

"Whilst paintings form an important element of my earlier artistic endeavors and still hold a special place in my heart, I always loved the opportunities and scope provided by the three-dimensional. I find sculpture a powerful and highly expressive medium and almost without boundaries, save the sheer size and impracticality of ones dreams and aspirations!
At first I sculpted in metal, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel, often creating pieces containing all three. I further produced and still create individual jewelry pieces in aluminium and sterling silver.

My next evolution was towards natural materials and hardwood was to become the basis of these works. In the past I looked at the possible limitations considering the longevity of such materials, however recalled beautiful examples of wood sculpture at The Louvre dating back to the Egyptian early 5th Dynasty and how the sculptor gained such freedom of expression over the carving and sculpting of stone. 
I began to create furniture pieces in wood, both whimsical and practical and these evolved into a new body of sculptural work quite different from my metal sculptures and yet still holding many of my original individual nuances and ideas.

Hardwood itself is a touchy subject from an environmental point of view and after travelling through West Africa I noticed the extensive use of precious woods such as teak and mahogany, often these arrived from the slaughter of important forests and I wanted no part in the exploitation of such materials. Instead I decided to work with American timber such as cherry, maple, oak, cedar and camphor. I source these from trees that are lost to natural causes such as weather and occasionally ‘progress’ as it is termed. Although limited by the availability of such material I have been successful in acquiring, good quality supplies. Camphor and cedar provide wonderful natural aromas as well as diverse and individual coloring, whilst cherry and oak provide incredibly beautiful and durable timber. 

To date I have created furniture from sycamore, cherry and oak and sculptures from cherry, camphor, oak and cedar. Recently I have started work on red maple. Each of my sculptures is individual, I never create replicas or subcontract any work away from my own hands. These sculptures are treated with natural finishes and oils and I shy away from harmful epoxy, solvents, stains and glue. Generally I create my sculptures on an individual basis and some are still available for acquisition, in the right circumstances I will undertake special commissions on request."

Nicholas Price's sculpture list is extensive. This list contains commissions and acquisitions of specific large scale sculptures in private and public domain.

Name of sculpture Location Public/Private
Upward Trends Bank of America Plaza Public
Silver Sail NA Hospice Public
The Cube Federal and State Buildings Public and Private
Ophelia Exclusive Estates Development Private
The Running Man


Private Collector Private
Chiao Teng Public Art Exhibitions Public and Private
The Globe Exclusive Estates Private
The Globe Southshore Development Private
Cintas Tejidas SW Interior Design Group Private
Urban Graffiti Private Client Acquisition Private
Aphrodite Exclusive Estates Development Private
Bishu Public Art Exhibitions Public
Commedia Private Collector Private
Pulling The Strings Public Art Exhibitions Public
IIuminum Private Collector Private
Octopoda Private Collector Private


 Solo Exhibitions:


Jan-Dec 2020 Global Locations/Events 2020 Retrospective/20 Years Photographing America
September 2018
Miami, FL USA
A Retrospective: 60 Works 
April 2014
International Arts Festival, San José, Costa Rica
Trick Trunk
February 8 -March 2, 2013
Perth International Arts Festival, Australia
Dance in Focus
Jan 5th 2012 – February 3rd 2012
Webber Center Gallery, Florida USA
Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition
October 2009
The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Cleared Hot! Photography Exhibition at the official acquisition event of the 60 photographs purchased by the Library of Congress
April- June 2008
Public Lands Institute UNLV, Nevada
The Bus Wraps Project: Conservation Photography
January 2008 –April 2008
The Hoover Dam
Dam Perspective: The Hoover Dam Collection
October 2007 – April 2008
Hall of Honor Main Gallery, National Museum of the
USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio
Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition
June 2007
Pahrump Town Hall Pahrump, Nevada
Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring
June 2007- August 2008
City of North Las Vegas , N. Las Vegas NV
The community Partnership Program for Art in Public Domain.
January 2007 – April 2007
Springs Gallery, ORIGEN Gallery
Playground of The Gods
November 2006 –September 2007
National Touring Exhibition, Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB, followed by stops in 12 different locations over the year.
Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition
April 2006
The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum

Young Collectors Council Exhibition – Curated by Museum Director Elizabeth Herridge

September 2005
Park Towers, One Howard
Hughes Way, Nevada
People and America
October 2003 – August 2006
Lloyd D. George Federal Building, Nevada
An Abstract World – Paintings & Sculptures
October  15 2005– November 2005       
Bella South shore, Henderson Nevada   
People and America Photography
October 27- October 29
The Yacht Club , Lake Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada & Neiman Marcus
Photography, sculpture, paintings and jewelry
February 2004
Aston Martin , Las Vegas , Nevada
The Art of Speed, Painting collection is unveiled and showcased with the new Aston Martin DB9
June 2004 – August 2004
Anthem Country Club, Nevada
“The Art of Luxury”  Art
and Sculpture exhibit
September 2004 – November 2004
Queensridge Country Club, Nevada
The Art of Luxury Solo Art and Sculpture exhibit
October 2004
Art in Business/Bank of America Los Angeles and Nevada
Sculptures and the unveiling of Upward Trends
15- 30 March 2003
International Arts Festival Hania, Greece -
Kinetic and reflective Sculpture – and selection of paintings-
October 2002
International House of Blues
An Artful Soiree: paintings and sculpture 
August 2002 - 2003
The Grants Sawyer Building
“Pioneers of America” Painting exhibition



Nicholas A. Price has partnered with many important corporations with whom they have undertaken showcase events of his work, including the exclusive Nicholas Price Artful Soirée ®.

Here are just a small example of those partners:
Aston Martin,
Bank Of America,
Berry Family Foundation,
Bureau of Land Reclamation,
City Of North Las Vegas,
Congressional Art Contest's
2006 & 2007,
Cox Media - Ohio,
Exclusive Estates LLC,
The Foundation Room,
Guggenheim Hermitage Museum,
The Hoover Dam,
The Institute Of Luxury Home Marketing,
The International House Of Blues,
Key Bank,
The Big Origen Gallery,
Park Towers,
Public Lands Institute,
Lake Las Vegas,
The Library of Congress,
The National Parks Service,
Nevada State Parks,
Nevada Tourism Commission,
The Jane Goodall Institute,
The Lloyd D. George Federal Building,
The Molasky Group Of Properties,
The National Museum Of The US Air Force,
Neiman Marcus,
Rolls Royce Bentley,
The Springs Preserve,
The United States Air Force,
Unique Global Estates,
Unique Homes magazine,
The Wall Street Journal,
Webber Gallery,


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