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WWAD Monograph: Artist Saloh Cin

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Name: Saloh Cin
Nationality: American

Artist Bio:

We all have to face up to reality at some time or another - now it’s the way the world is going - the environment, our duty of care as custodians for the next generation and hopefully the ones after that, as now we can’t just take the future for granted.

Art has always been the voice of change, it’s not governed by outside influences, special interests and bureaucracy - this voice is powerful and pure.

Nature has ways of clearing up her own mess, humans do not and yet it is the people that force real change.

After sculpting in metal for some years, all new materials fresh from the mill, I began to become a conservationist by acquiring the land around my studio and developing a project to nurture and protect many rare and beautiful trees and protect the surrounding environment from harm. In the process of clearing the land of human garbage I began to realize just how much we throw away, the waste of resources, the never ending stream of white goods produced and discarded over fairly and increasingly shorter life spans, very little is truly recycled, much ends up dumped in landfills or the wilderness and even discarded by the roadside. Having seen too much of this I vowed to make recycled metals and materials my future key sculptural element, two years later and every piece has been sourced in this manner, not simply from new.

My latest collection is just that, some have obvious looking components, others less so, yet in the process there is a message for all, like most people I can’t take on the ocean single-handed, but starting with something smaller is possible, a contribution, one recycler might not make much of a dent, but a million strong can make an important change for the future.

I hope you enjoy these along with the larger pieces that may look close to the main items in a delinquent toy shop window!