WWAD MONOGRAPH: Artist Adriana Pascucci

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Name: Adriana Pascucci
Nationality: Argentinian

Year of Birth: 1967
Born in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
In 1989 Adriana finished her studies in Painting and in 1998 of Engraving at the Santa Ana Fine Arts Institute, Belgrano, Buenos, Argentina. 
In 2005 she received a degree in Visual Arts from IUNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her historical research thesis: "Sofonisba Anguissola, the first international painter of the Renaissance

Education and Background

Holds courses in:

  • Drawing and Painting in Buenos Aires with Maggie Atienza, Juan López Taetzel and Jorge Meijide.
  • Drawing and painting in Mexico with Enrique Lopez Pacheco, Marco Aulio Prado, Marco Davison, Catherine Scott Estrella and Guillermo Getino.
  • Development of the right hemisphere for drawing and painting; and deimpression and color with Pablo Segals.
  •  Process of creativity and textual in art with Jorge Romero. Initiation in art with Maria Cristina de Tepper.
  • Allegory, myth and symbol in Argentine art with Jorge Bedoya.
  • "50 years of avant-garde in the art" with Teresa of the Count in the Museum of Modern Art of Mexico.
  • Paradigms of Modern Art with Jorge Lopez Anaya and Julio Sanchez.
  • Scenery with Gerardo Pietrapertosa.
  • Batik with Mercedes Franconetti.
  • Recycled paper with Karina Fernandez and vegetal paper with TelmaCastro.
  • "Sex and Life in Art" by Lic. Julio Sánchez.
  • "Contemporary Art" by Mr. Julio Sánchez.
  • "Alchemy, latest trends" by Lic. Julio Sánchez.
  • "Between the object and the nothing". "Apart from art". Minimalism and Conceptualism, "by Mr. Julio Sánchez.
  • Tour of a replica of the mandala labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres in charge of the Conscious Sin Barreras Foundation.
  • "Minimalism and postminimalism", by Mr. Julio Sánchez.
  • "Updating in Plastic Arts", Regina Pacis, San Isidro.
  • Drawing and composition, Master Getino Granados, Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City
  • Artistic anatomy, Maestro Castañeda Velasco, Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City.
  • The drawing and its discipline, Maestro Zamora Martínez, Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City.
  • Painting on paper, Maestro López Pacheco, Col. Rome, Mexico DF.
  • The ritualized body. Limits and contradictions. Ives Klein. Joseph Beuys and others. Fuxus, art, Life and action. Ana Mendieta, Helio Otticica, Lygia Clark in charge of Lic. Julio Sánchez, Bs As.
  • Digital art, video art and net-art by Lic. Rodrigo Alonso, Bs. As.
  • Platforms, cities and policies, in charge of Lics. Jorge López Anaya, Corinne Abadi and Julio Sánches, Klemm Foundation, CF, Argentina.
  • "Between the sky and the mist II" latest works of the latest trends, Lic. Julio Sánchez, Bs.As.
  • Drawing workshop by Susana Raddi, Bs. A s.
  • Body, Space and Technology by Lic. Rodrigo Alonso, Fundación Telefónica, Argentina.
  • Utopias invested by Lic. Julio Sánchez, Argentina.
  • "Digital art today in New York" by the artist Dolores Zorreguieta, Fundación Telefónica, Argentina.
  • "A day in life", selected to participate in the 24-hour contest workshop by Fernando LLanos and Martín Groisman, program in alliance with the Mexican Embassy, ​​FADU- University of Buenos Aires, Metropolitan Design Center and Fundación Telefónica, Argentina .
  • First National Days of updating in Artistic Education, "The teaching of Plastics and Music in the school today" sponsored by the General Management of Private Management.
  • First cycle of Artistic Education at the 24th International Exhibition of Buenos Aires "Strategy for adventure degenerate new models of artistic education". XVI International Symposium on Criticism at the National Museum of Fine Arts.
  • II exchange of experience and teacher training. Training sessions in plastic education "A reflexive look" in DGEGP.
  • Round table series by different artists, art historians, curators, at the Fundación Telefonica de Buenos Aires.
  • New Dynamics of Approach of the Works of Art (Visual Arts), by Lic. Irene Suris, ESSARP Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Enter the Center for Research and Production Culture, Art and Gender in charge of the Prof. María Rosa Figari, IUNA.
  • Conference "Argentine Women" by Prof. Leonor Calvo, Federal Capital, Argentina.
  • Fellowship of the Bunge and Born Foundation, "History of Argentine Art: New Perspectives for its Analysis", Instituto Filadelfia deEstudios Avanzados, Argentina.
  • Work Clinic with Lic. Florencia Braga Menéndez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Clinic of work with the plastic artist Jorge Requena, Buenos Aires Argentina.
  • Clinic of work with the plastic artist Eduardo Médici, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Contemporary Art in the Classroom: Videoart, Installations, Objetual Art and Video Installations, ESSARP, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Argentina-Scotland educational exchange program. Art and creativity in the school, a possible articulation. Universidad San Andrés, Argentina.
  • Education and Neuroscience: a possible bridge, San Andrés University Campus. by Mariano Sigman.
  • Education for Sustainability: From Vision to Action, Universidad San Andrés by Emiliano Ezcurra, Lucas Campodónico and Florencia Campoverde.
  • Art and Feminism by Lic. Adriana Laurenzi, Museo Lucy Mattos, San Isidro.
  • Venetian Chronicles, Rodrigo Alonso, CIC, CABA.
  • The art market: we can all be collectors. Lic. Nora Rodríguez. San Isidro. 
  • Projection Art21 // Artists of our century: The Anatsui, Ai Weiwei and Yinka Shonibare. Ott College Educational Extension. Bs As.
  • Creativity and Welfare: School + Community, University of San Andrés. Bs As.
  • La Mujer en el Arte, artists and inspirers. Lucy Mattos Museum, San Isidro, Bs As.
  • Didactic strategies of the educator, Alced Argentina.
  • Stamps polymer and carving, by Antonella Andreolett, Taller Gráfica PA, Martínez, Bs As.
  • Animation Art, Nuria, San Isidro, 2016.
  • How to communicate my art, Lic. N. Martínez. Lucy Mattos Museum, 2017.

Currently teaches in his workshop in Beccar and in different schools in Buenos Aires. 


  • Dictionary of Plastic Artists 2002.
  • Today art and culture. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Argentine art in times of crisis. Collection of art. 2007. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Diaries of Paraguay and Argentina.
  • Expoartistas 2008, Argentina.
  • Sofonisba Anguissola, Thesis, IUNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Other studies:

  • Teacher Classical and Contemporary Dances
  • Eduardo Albistur National Conservatory.
  • English British Institute of the North and ICANA.
  • Italian at the Dante Alighireri Institute.
  • Member of the San Patricio Choir and singing with Ana Abad