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2020 WWAD Monograph: Artist Nicholas A. Price

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Nicholas A. Price - Represented by Name: Nicholas A. Price

Nationality: British/American
Year of Birth: 1962



Nicholas A. Price is a visual artist specializing in traditional fine art film photography, where he handles and prints his works using enlargers, a darkroom and silver gelatin paper. There are over eighty thousand photographs on film in his archives and 2020 also marks the 20 year anniversary of his photographing the American people, the culture and way of life.

Nicholas Price has the ability to explore subjects through his photography that are extremely sensitive and usually involve a large element of security. Commissions such as Cleared Hot! An Exclusive and Personal Photographic Journey into the U.S. Air Force with the United States Air Force, Dam Perspective (artistic perspectives inside the Hoover Dam) with the US Dept. of Interior and Partnerships with Nature (an artistic and documentary style project) with Busch Entertainment. Access of this nature is not granted to just anyone and certainly not the general public. This became certain policy after the 9/11 attacks where many important areas within landmarks like the Hoover Dam, were closed to the public at the time Price was granted access in that particular case.

Price is a true renaissance man as he is also an accomplished painter, sculptor and writer. His art has been commissioned and acquired by many institutions including the US Library of Congress, where his acclaimed photography collection ‘Cleared Hot’ filled a vital gap in the library’s internationally renowned archives.

His artworks grace private collections in over 43 countries. Not only does he present his work in public institutions, corporations and museums, he is an early pioneer of a unique pop-up gallery experience known as the Nicholas Price Artful Soirée established in the early 1980’s that has created exclusive luxury brand partnerships and garnered extensive media coverage throughout Europe and the USA.

Price has received many Congressional and Senatorial commendations for his work and contribution to art education.

His artworks are published in several books and various international media publications and he is author of several fiction and children’s books.



Born: England


Aged 15 Shoots his first roll of black and white Ilford film.


Aged 16 First corporate commission for photography received for a hardware store chain in the UK.


Photographing portraits of musicians and singers at local underground clubs.


First photo documentary commission at the world famous music festival at Stonehenge, UK.


Showcasing intimate photographic portraits of his closest of friends, models and well-known business associates at his “artful soirée” events. These regular annual gatherings of VIP art collectors, artists, models and business networkers from the international business and political scene, normally at a client’s business,  home or unusual, high-end locations, one of the early pioneers of the luxury pop-up art gallery concept.


Various commissions for private clients throughout Europe, he begins serious experimentation of paintings and sculptures.


Becomes a full-time artist on the American arts scene after bringing his “artful soirée” events and other “pop-up” art gallery showcases to the USA.


Photography - Price begins documenting the American culture, landscapes and people in black and white film, Kodachrome and other specialized films which will finally evolve to become his landmark retrospective collection of photographic works.

August 1st 2002

The Land Of The Brave” – Fine art painting (oil on canvas) commission is acquired and on permanent exhibit at the Disabled American Veterans Service & Legislative Headquarters in Washington D.C.

August 2002 - 2003

Pioneers” the sister painting to Land Of The Brave exhibited at the Grant Sawyer State Building, Nevada. (This painting was stolen from the exhibit and has never been recovered.)

October 2003

International House Of Blues – Solo Art and Sculpture Exhibition “Self-Expression and the Infinity Collection”; opening evening hosted by singer Sheena Easton and The Foundation Room.

15- 30 March 2003

International Art Festival – Crete, Greece. Two works representing the U.S.A. in the categories of paintings (“Spring Garden”) and the kinetic sculpture (“Aqua Mobile”)

Installed October 2003 – Ended August 2006

Launches An Abstract World a major public art initiative with local corporations and governments for the arts and arts education with a "model program" for art in public domain, The project was installed over eight floors of the Lloyd George Federal Building in October 2003 and showcased more than 30 large scale one of a kind sculpture pieces and paintings created by the artist. "By creating an environment within an environment, we are not taking away the serious function of the building, but creating a less intimidating environment for people to really stop and take five minutes out of their normally hectic lives, to look at something completely different and hopefully spark an interest in the art. These are the very people that will help shape the future of the arts – their voices and opinions are one of the most important things to me." says Price. 

October 11th 2004

Lloyd D. George Federal Building, Nevada – Speaker and Consultant - Seminar – “Art In Business - Including Art In Public Spaces” sponsored by Bank of America Private Clients Services. A networking and information seminar for commercial real estate developers on how to include art in their projects. Included a personal tour of the $100 Million landmark building and the Nicholas Price Art and Sculpture collection by US District Judge Lloyd D. George.

February 2004

Aston Martin Corp. – Solo Art Exhibition “The Art Of Speed” to unveil the new painting collection “Light Speed” alongside the launch the new Aston Martin DB9.

February 2004 – March 2004

Queensridge Estate and Golf Club – “The Art Of Luxury” Solo Art and Sculpture exhibits.

April 2004 | Install September –January 2005

Commission for Four environmentally sensitive sculptures from the Everlasting garden collection – “Vela Toscana”, “The Globe”, “Aphrodite”, “Ophelia”. The first for an American based luxury property development on the West Coast.

June 2004 – August 2004

Anthem Country Club, Nevada – “The Art Of Luxury” Solo Art and Sculpture exhibit.

March 2005

The Silver Sail – 12ft tall 4ft wide silver sail, made from aluminum. Large scale sculpture for public space commission for the Nathan Adelson Hospice in Southern Nevada.

October 2004

Commission received for Destiny Jewelry for the 2004 Andre Agassi Grand Slam for Children event raises $140,000 towards the final $6.1 million raised that evening.

October 27 - October 29, 2004

Luxury Conclave” presented by Unique Homes Magazine and Wall Street Journal. Solo exhibition of art, sculpture and photography. Concluding the five day exhibition is Price’s Artful Soirée which is extensively covered in Unique Homes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Boston Globe and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

October 2004

Neiman Marcus – Solo Exhibition – “The Destiny Collection-Wearable Art” showcased with exclusively with Chanel and Oscar de la Renta Haute Couture.

November 2004

Necklaces created under The Destiny Collection are commissioned especially for world renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and American journalist Keeley Shaye- Brosnan.

December 2004

Bank Of America – “Upward Trends” - Mr. Irwin Molasky and Molasky Properties commissioned Price to create the first public art and signature sculpture in Downtown' Bank Of America Plaza on Las Vegas Blvd as part of their $1.3 million refurbishment project. The sculpture project called "Upward Trends" is considered as the first in illustrating a successful and commercial collaboration of art and the private sector, in Las Vegas and has been publicly hailed as putting the city on the national art map.

January – February 2005

Southshore, Henderson NV   solo exhibition.

February 2005

Steve Wynn/Irwin Molasky’s Park Towers, Nevada – Solo Exhibit of “People and Places” Photography works.

May 2005

Commission and access approved for “Cleared Hot! An Exclusive and Personal Photographic Journey into the U.S. Air Force”

27th April 2006

The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum presented an exclusive photography seminar “Understanding Fine Art Photography Collecting” featuring the fine art photographic works of Nicholas A. Price. Subjects also covered the history of fine art photography highlighting some of America's most respected photographers of the last century. Nicholas specifically spoke about some of his important projects that he was working on which included a yearlong study of the United States Air force, Americana, People Studies and the Valley Of Fire. Over 30 of his works were displayed at the museum. A Young Collectors Council Exhibition – Curated by Museum Director Elizabeth Herridge.

2 June 2006


Nellis Air Force Base “Undertaking The Project “Cleared Hot!” this exclusive seminar on Nicholas Price’s fine art photography project sponsored by the USAF.

November 2006         

Nellis Air Force Base, Nellis Blvd, Nevada, “Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition” is launched after a solo exhibition at a special aircraft hangar that was especially turned into unique photography gallery.

January 2007 – April 2007

Springs Gallery, ORIGEN Experience building, “Playground of The Gods” This critically acclaimed one-of-a-kind solo exhibition showcased over 30 traditionally hand printed photographs of untouched rock displays that depict faces and scenes portrayed in the rocks, clay and mountainsides of the Valley of Fire. Included a three day seminar in conservation, education and the arts presented by Nicholas Price.

June 2007

Pahrump Town Hall Pahrump, Nevada “Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition”  to bring a major art collection to small rural towns. A special town proclamation was created to acknowledge and support the exhibition.

June 2007- August 2008

“The community Partnership Program for Art in Public Domain” – a joint-venture with Nicholas A. Price and the City of North Las Vegas to create a rotating exhibition of sculptures throughout City Hall. The program was sponsored by various patrons and community leaders.

October 2007 – April 2008

“Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition” Solo Exhibition in Hall of Honor Main Gallery, National Museum of the USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio.


Commission and access approved for “Dam Perspective - The Hoover Dam”

January 2008 –April 2008

Solo exhibition, The Hoover Dam, NV – “Dam Perspective: The Hoover Dam Photographic Collection”.

April 2008

Southern Nevada Agency Partnership and the UNLV Public Lands Institute. "Get Outdoors" Three 40-foot buses have been wrapped with images exclusively by master fine art photographer Nicholas A. Price as part of a three-month campaign to encourage Southern Nevadans to Get Outdoors and help fill the need for event and operational volunteers at the four federal land management agencies.

The project hopes to increase public awareness and promote the message for volunteers to help take care of our Public Lands on a backdrop of photographs taken by Nicholas Price that show off the natural beauty of Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston. The campaign was commissioned by the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership and the UNLV Public Lands Institute. This project and is part of Nicholas Price's commitment to the educational outreach of his unique photographic legacy.

2007 and 2008 United States House of Representatives           

Judge for art submissions by students from the school district in District 3, Nevada in continuing art in education programs.

August 2008

Commission and access approved for “Partnerships With Nature” - commissioned by SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and Busch Entertainment Corporation.

October 2009

Library of Congress, Washington D.C. “Cleared Hot!” Photography Exhibition at the official acquisition event of sixty photographs “Cleared Hot! Photography Collection National Touring Exhibition” by the Library of Congress.

Jan. 5, 2012 – Feb. 3, 2012

“Cleared Hot!” A touring copy of the exact collection acquired by the Library of Congress in 2009 is showcased in a solo exhibition at the Webber Center Gallery at the College of Central Florida.

February 8-March 2, 2013

“Dance in Focus” Perth International Arts Festival, Australia.

Jan 2014-July 2014

“Anatomy of A Ballet” Worldwide Art Dealers, Artful Soirée New York.

April 2014

“Trick Trunk” International Arts Festival, San José, Costa Rica.

September 2018

“A Retrospective: 60 Works” Miami, FL USA.


“2020: A Retrospective” Worldwide Art Dealers online gallery showcase exclusive. (2020 live gallery events throughout the USA, UK and Asia postponed due to covid-19).

Noted Photography Collections and Commissions

2020: A Retrospective

The year 2020 marks the 20th Anniversary of the documentation of the American people and American Culture by acclaimed fine art photographer Nicholas A. Price. Over eighty thousand photographs taken with manual cameras on black and white film are preserved in negative form and fine art prints in the Nicholas Price Film Archives. Many of these photographs have never been shown in public and will be seen for the first time through special online and gallery events throughout 2020 – 2025.

Trick Trunk

Trick Trunk is a Pandora’s box of circus and sideshow entertainment history, bygone and forgotten and now unlocked through the artistry and lens of Nicholas Price.

Dance In Focus/Anatomy of A Ballet

The complexity of dance, the simplicity of form, the combination of available light and the use of black and white film provided the perfect medium for my Dance in Focus collection. These photographs are part of a broader study of modern dance and an illustration of how the human body, caught in a moment, can provide the eye with a delight similar to that of an abstract sculpture. I wanted the dancers to appear as statues for a moment rarely appreciated whilst a dance is being executed upon the stage. Nicholas A. Price. ©2009

Partnerships With Nature I- Busch Entertainment Corporation and SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

This enormous and extremely unique project was commissioned by Busch Entertainment Corporation and SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund to document and create a fine art photographic study highlighting the areas of species research, zoological habitats/protection of habitats, animal research and conservation. The commission also included the documentation of "The Collection" the wildlife that lives at Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. The project consists of several thousand photographs and took three months to complete.

Partnerships With Nature II - University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

Nicholas Price traveled to South Florida to document the work being done by University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Alumnus and Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Katherine Mansfield, in collaboration with FAU‟s resident turtle expert, Dr. Jeanette Wyneken. He visited the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, Fla. where he photographed dozens of endangered and threatened loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles.

The goal of the team's research is to explore new, small-scale tagging technologies capable of tracking the early dispersal and survivorship rates of neonate loggerhead and leatherback turtles off the southeast Florida coast. Their work is helping scientists understand when and how hatchlings disperse in the ocean, as well as identifying offshore nursery habitats and the oceanographic features that may influence their initial dispersal and migration patterns.

Partnerships With Nature III - Audubon Society

Nicholas Price was introduced to the Audubon as part of his Partnerships with Nature project with the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Hundreds of photographs were taken of their work in rescuing, re-habilitating and protecting the beautiful birds in Florida.

After the project was completed, Nicholas would return to the Audubon as he was given the very special privilege of revisiting the friends he had made and photographing the release of a Bald Eagle, who had been a patient at the center. Unfortunately, the Bald Eagle had been injured by humans who had attacked the majestic bird whilst she was out hunting. Having fully recovered, she embarked on her flight to freedom which for Nicholas truly encapsulated the work and message of wildlife conservation.

Dam Perspective: The Hoover Dam

Price wanted to capture the Hoover Dam in a way that was reminiscent of the 1930's Art Deco era - a style that architect Gordon B. Kaufman elegantly applied throughout the entire Hoover Dam Project. Through his use of black and white film and doing his usual thing of breaking every rule associated with photography in low-level lighted areas, Price pushed his technical knowledge and film speeds to the extremes to ensure his style of light and shadow played even more strongly than usual within the photographs he would create from film. Looking back to how photography was created and displayed in the 1930's, Price deliberately hand printed his work to create an unusually small collection of only 25 photographs from the 200 he had taken, printing them in sizes of 8x10 format then matted, framed and styled the collection to reflect the traditional photography salon feel renowned in Paris and New York from the 1800's to the 1940's.

Get Outdoors - UNLV Public Lands Institute

Three 40-foot buses wrapped with images exclusively provided by master fine art photographer Nicholas A. Price as part of a three-month campaign to encourage Southern Nevadans to "Get Outdoors and help fill the need for event and operational volunteers at the four federal land management agencies. The project was used to increase public awareness and promote the message for volunteers to help take care of our Public Lands on a backdrop of photographs taken by Nicholas Price that show off the natural beauty of Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston. Nicholas Price has taken thousands of photographs of Southern Nevada's natural beauty using traditional film rather than digital formats. This process allows his photography to be reproduced as huge formats without destroying the integrity or quality of the final image.

Lake Mead- Department of Interior and Lake Mead National Recreation Area - National Park Service.

Photographs were commissioned for the Lake Mead area to assist with tourism and educational boards for the Lake Mead area.

These photographs were taken using Kodachrome and Fuji Police Evidence Film which produced the best color results.

Cleared Hot! An Exclusive and Personal Photographic Journey into the U.S. Air Force

Price spent 18 months with the U.S. Air Force men and women in an attempt to capture on film the strength and courage of American service members. Price was granted unprecedented access to take over 8,000 photographs and cull from that collection the 60 black-and-white photographs, to mark the 60th Anniversary of the USAF and which have now been obtained by the Library of Congress.

"Cleared Hot!" is a U.S. Air Force command term used to approve an action - typically, the release or drop weapons.

Other subjects in the Cleared Hot Collection and Exhibition include:

1. Combat Warrior

2. The Face Of The Airman

3. Hardware & Equipment

4. The Homecoming

5. Red Flag - The Ultimate Game

6. The Battlefield Today - B-52 & F-22

7. Deployment

8. Pride & Joy - The Military Family

9. Veterans/MIA


This exciting project, exhibition and national tour which is concluding at the National Museum Of The US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio this October 2007. Over 650,000 visitors saw the exhibition during the six months it was displayed in the Hall Of Honor Gallery.


Documenting the ever changing landscape, history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States of America.

Americana/Vintage Vegas

These images are a small collection from the Americana Portfolio, which captures the national motel, hotel and business signs of years' past. This particular collection focuses on Las Vegas and became a photographic study spanning seven year's. In those early days, intricate signage was one of the very few ways to market the excitement, attraction and feel-good factor of your product, service or facilities. Many of these signs have already disappeared or are about to as new projects and changes to the skyline take place with the influx of high-rise developments. These photographs may well be the last that capture and preserve the origin and historical foundation of America's ingenious marketing ideas.

The Spotlight Collection

An artistic take on people in the industries of music, entertainment and sports - a work in progress.

Playground Of The Gods

This exciting project about this artistic take on a natural phenomenon that is millions of years old within the Valley of fire, “Playground of The Gods.” From the 2,500 photographs taken, this journey shows the natural sites and scenes never seen before in such a unique place as this and through the lens and humor of the artist. The exhibition of 30-40 traditionally hand printed photographs has been created not only in Price's trademark black and white film but we are also treated to the beautiful sky and landscapes in the final rolls of now extinct Kodachrome color.

Too Many Wheels

The American obsession with the automobile continues, however the designs and flair, the old robust chrome and powerful V8’s seem to have gone forever. Well not quite, Nicholas Price, renowned for his stunning black and white film photographs and prints spent a year out in the desert heat capturing the amazing phenomenon of the dry desert’s potential for preservation.- a work in progress

Compassion in A World Without

This Project was commissioned by a group of clients that included Homeless Advocates, business people and community leaders wishing to document the state of homelessness in America. An ongoing project that is revisited approximately every five years. “This is not about an individual, a city or town, nor any specific country; this is a narrative concerning a sometimes much forgotten emotion, that of compassion. A concern for fellow man or woman and our surroundings, giving a thought beyond the grocery list, the fast food lunch or television schedule.

And here I momentarily revisit the topic through black and white film, not only because it is become a kind of signature or trademark of my work but also merely because the shame of loss and decay is clear in monochrome, for here it cannot slip behind a colorful sign or building. Nature hands us beautiful colors every day and those sunsets and open country scenes make for beautiful color works, however this is story and a journey through the very world in which we live. For some this is a harsh and rough journey and they should not go forgotten and undocumented.” – Nicholas A. Price

Nicholas Price's sculpture list is extensive. This list contains commissions and acquisitions of specific large scale sculptures in private and public domain.

Name of sculpture Location Public/Private
Upward Trends Bank of America Plaza Public
Silver Sail NA Hospice Public
The Cube Federal and State Buildings Public and Private
Ophelia Exclusive Estates Development Private
The Running Man


Private Collector Private
Chiao Teng Public Art Exhibitions Public and Private
The Globe Exclusive Estates Private
The Globe Southshore Development Private
Cintas Tejidas SW Interior Design Group Private
Urban Graffiti Private Client Acquisition Private
Aphrodite Exclusive Estates Development Private
Bishu Public Art Exhibitions Public
Commedia Private Collector Private
Pulling The Strings Public Art Exhibitions Public
IIuminum Private Collector Private
Octopoda Private Collector Private



Nicholas A. Price has partnered with many important corporations with whom they have undertaken showcase events of his work, including the exclusive Nicholas Price Artful Soirée ®.

Here are just a small example of those partners:
Aston Martin,
Bank Of America,
Berry Family Foundation,
Bureau of Land Reclamation,
City Of North Las Vegas,
Congressional Art Contest's
2006 & 2007,
Cox Media - Ohio,
Exclusive Estates LLC,
The Foundation Room,
Guggenheim Hermitage Museum,
The Hoover Dam,
The Institute Of Luxury Home Marketing,
The International House Of Blues,
Key Bank,
The Big Origen Gallery,
Park Towers,
Public Lands Institute,
Lake Las Vegas,
The Library of Congress,
The National Parks Service,
Nevada State Parks,
Nevada Tourism Commission,
The Jane Goodall Institute,
The Lloyd D. George Federal Building,
The Molasky Group Of Properties,
The National Museum Of The US Air Force,
Neiman Marcus,
Rolls Royce Bentley,
The Springs Preserve,
The United States Air Force,
Unique Global Estates,
Unique Homes magazine,
The Wall Street Journal,
Webber Gallery,


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