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The Legacy Collection from Worldwide Art Dealers

The Legacy Collection© is truly an unusual collection with a fascinating background that was the brainchild of art dealer and founding member Grace Windsor.

Since 2000, Grace Windsor and WWAD have sought out and acquired several thousand stunning artworks through acquisitions, commissions and gifts by the Estate of collectors, artist studios or from work for hire projects commissioned by companies who owned the copyrights and original works and were able to release these artworks directly to WWAD through acquisition agreements.

After a long period of much negotiation, tenacity and patience of ensuring the entire history of the work was documented, and confirmation that the artwork could be legally assigned over to WWAD, these works were acquired one by one to create The Legacy Collection.

These artworks are stunning pieces in their own right and of museum standard quality. We did not want to see them hidden in dusty boxes never to see the light of day again. We wanted art collectors and buyers at every level who buy art for passion and not for profit, have the opportunity to buy these works.

The Legacy Collection behaves like an endowment that will to help WWAD further the online global gallery concept in supporting and representing original works of art and global art education through WWAD special events, programming and curated collections.

Especially curated for WWAD by Grace Windsor, we are proud to make a selection of these works available now, as we had specific agreements to not release any of the works for sale until came to fruition as an online global gallery and became official on January 1st 2017.

These artworks are not available anywhere else and all come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Worldwide Art Dealers and signed by Art Dealer Grace Windsor.

We guarantee the following:

  • The artwork is original and not a copy
  • We hold extensive records of each work and can authenticate each piece
  • The edition is numbered accordingly and if relevant, will provide the maximum number of editions available for each piece listed if there is more than one available.
  • The condition of the pieces are rated as excellent or pristine (we do not list any damaged works)
  • The collection is authenticated as a Legacy Collection piece.
Fine Art Photography
Many of the photographs are unsigned but are the original prints and NOT copies or multiple editions. These particular prints were commissioned as works for hire for books and corporate exhibitions, and educational projects.
Works on Papers

Drawings were gifted/commissioned as a work for hire from studios and businesses then acquired by us.

Acquired by WWAD directly from work for hire art projects from around the world.

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