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Infernal Dungeon Gallery Custom Furniture and Art for your personal dungeon

About Infernal Dungeon

Whether it is the functionality of an engine or the assertion of a lofty building in a crowded city, there is art in everything we see. But why stop at the more obvious examples? Here at Infernal Dungeon we take art seriously and even when it comes to the wickedly bizarre potential of a subterranean existence!

As the appointed curator of this wondrous gallery, my mission is to unearth some of the most extraordinary masterpieces currently available. Each work of art is strictly one of a kind - once acquired it is yours for a lifetime and you can be confident that no identical item exists, well here on earth at least. Whether you are searching for the ultimate pièce de résistance and conversation piece for your office, home or pied-à-terre or simply have a pressing need to update the dungeon in your beloved castle, we have something unique for you.

Everything on offer is thoughtful, fully functional and perfect for public display or private play. All sales are highly confidential and handled by me, your personal curator. A specialist art shipper delivers your unique acquisition to anywhere in the world and everything arrives with a hand sealed certificate of authenticity.
There is art and then there is the inimitable potential of the Infernal Dungeon - elegantly bold, kinky and here for an eternity.

Grace Windsor, Gallery Curator for WWAD

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  • SOLD: Homage to Fertility © (Come as a pair)
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    $12,500.00 SOLD
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  • The King Chair ©
  • The Queen Chair ©
  • The Figurehead of Venus © - The Dungeon Horse
  • The Stockbroker ©
  • The Commodious Cage©
  • Arc de Triomphe © - The Ultimate Arch
  • Please Kneel © - The Ultimate Step
  • Astaroth’s Medi-Evil Chair ©
  • St. Andrews Dream © - The Ultimate St. Andrews Cross