264 Jewelry #1
264 Jewelry #1
264 Jewelry #1
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264 Jewelry #1

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These aluminum jewelry pieces don’t tarnish like silver or other metals they have a specially created surface that resists most tarnishing agents and great hypoallergenic qualities too, are easy to clean and light for their size making them a pleasure to wear.

A wonderful statement as a piece of wearable art, additionally no two are the same, so enjoy your uniqueness!

Technical Information
Sizes are on Inches = (ins)  and Millimetres = {mm}
Order - L = length W= width D = depth or thickness
All measurements are the approximate maximum dimensions (rounded down)

Piece: #1 
Size: (2.9 x 1 x 0.15 ins) - {73 x 25 x 3.8 mm}
Weight: 5g


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