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Sandro Cipolletti brings alive the urban streets of Rome to Worldwide Art Dealers

Sandro Cipolletti is a painter and sculptor.
Born in Rome, Italy in August 1963 with an innate passion for each of his artistic expressions.

Growing up in a working class neighbourhood in Rome, Sandro is inspired and influenced by the very raw and urban nature of his surroundings and this features deeply in his works.

Becoming involved with a Sandro Cipolletti painting is an addictive, sensorial experience.
The first impression is a resurrection of an urban graffiti - energized and deliberately naïve, his work explodes in a violent map of colors without any predisposition to compromise. It is a guided tour of a trivial spirituality, the living hell of a degraded humanity rescued from his primordial instinct.
From here paths, snapshots and portraits of a brutalized and reduced to zero Rome, unfolds.
A cosmopolitan marginalization, that finally throws you the sense of tribulation amongst the cobblestone of this Eternal City.

An historic partition of the city is represented in is virulence through a babble of crossword puzzles and funny jokes – intimate and personal references native to the Roman street culture.
Using a combination of languages, mixing roman dialect with other idioms, in order to give a deliberate mismatch and amusing chaos without forgetting his own roots filtered by a sophisticated subconscious.

The artist works are featured in select private art collections around the world.