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Gorgeous wood sculptures attract collectors of African Art

When new artworks exclusive to WWAD came online this weekend, we were excited to see a surge of interest from art collectors usually drawn to the type of original sculptures created by native African tribes of the past.

"This is exciting because we aim to to encourage the collectors who are normally reluctant to explore new contemporary artist's, come to us and say that they really like what they are seeing in these works. It's causing those that are steadfast in certain arenas of collecting, which in this case is African Art of the 15-19th Century, to at least begin a dilogue of possibilities outside those specific periods.  says co-gallery dealer James Winter, who is working with gallery director Grace Windsor on the "Legacy Collection" due to be showcased in 2018.

Vladimir Ivanković is not even remotely African. His work is not even touted as African Art.

"I believe that Vladimir has captured the unique perspective of sculpture that has a distinct feel of the African Spirit, just as Picasso did with his sculptures. That's a wonderful compliment to both the artist and our gallery" say's Winter.

Vladimir was born in 1953 in Zagreb, Croatia. In his early 20s, he embarked on his life's career in creating sculptures and unique furniture hand carved from wood.
His sculptures are distinctive and unique in both the materials he uses and the artistry of his applications and unlimited imagination.

Over forty-five years as an artist, WWAD is proud to present a selection of Vladimir Ivanković's most unique sculpture works available exclusively from our online gallery.

Vladimir Ivanković is a member of Croatian association of naive artists, and is presenting his works for the first time on our global gallery platform.