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20/20: A Retrospective

The year 2020 will mark a major milestone in Nicholas Price's career as a Master Fine Art Photographer. This collection highlights photography available for sale from the several exhibits and  touring collections showcased in the last 20 years.

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NaturArts: Hardwood Sculptures

Individually sculpted and hand crafted. this magnificent collection includes sculptures created from American timber such as cherry, maple, oak, cedar and camphor. Sourced from trees that are reclaimed or lost to natural causes.

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Infernal Dungeon - The Gallery Where The Wild Cats Go

Infernal Dungeon

"The gallery where the Wild Cat's go!"

As the appointed curator of this wondrous gallery, my mission is to unearth some of the most extraordinary masterpieces currently available. Each work of art is strictly one of a kind - once acquired it is yours for a lifetime and you can be confident that no identical item exists, well here on earth at least. Whether you are searching for the ultimate pièce de résistance and conversation piece for your office, home or pied-à-terre or simply have a pressing need to update the dungeon in your beloved castle, we have something unique for you.

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FEATURED: Represented Artists

Nicholas A. Price

Nicholas A. Price is an internationally acclaimed visual artist speciallizing in the fields of film photography, sculpture, public art and paintings.His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe, the L.A. Times and USA Today. His work is collected in over 35 countries.

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Sandro Cipolletti

Sandro Cipolletti is a painter and sculptor.
Born in Rome, Italy in August 1963 with an innate passion for each of his artistic expressions.

Contemporary art ignited by the spirit of urban street style themes, Sandro's work is both eclectic and whimsical.

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Livio Lopedote

Essentially self-taught in the arts, Livio Lopedote was born in Trieste on Aug. 24th, 1951, during the times when Italy was under the Allied Liberation Government. It was a free town, like the spirit of the artist, whose imagination and especially his dreams never did leave him.

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Saloh Cin

An artist rarely photographed and rarely speaking about his work,  the only quote available from this fine art film photographer is simple and modest: "The human form an ever evolving canvas with the three dimensional capabilities of sculpture. I visit the subject hourly and relish the possibilities of becoming involved.
The evolution and variations of the female form open up a world of endless possibilities"

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Haimi Fenichel

Haimi Fenichel is a 2002 graduate of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Fenichel produces finely detailed objects in diverse materials, applying elaborate techniques and technologies.  His complex, refined sculptures are informed by the forms, styles, and materials of early modernist architecture in Israel. 

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Viktoria A.Koestler

Viktoria A. Köstler was born in Munich and lives in Zurich.  The young artist received training in the art of special-effect make-up for film and TV at the London College of Fashion.The artist’s works are distinguished by the striking red that covers the outer surfaces of their stretched canvasses or wooden painting panels as part of her "Red Outside" brand.


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